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If you wish to manufacture your existing series, we can.

Bateks design team have the knowledge and experience to offer clients the continuation of existing product series. We give our clients the advantage of the same product, faster and affordable.


Or let us show you fresh models

Our design team follows global trends in the apparel industry, and following these trends, produce new modern designs for products. Each year Batek adds an additional 10 new cup moulds to being new life into new bra models. Bateks offers customers an ever-expanding selection pool.


Thanks to years of experience, especially for plus-sized bras, briefs and other products produced with speed and quality, Bateks has become a powerful manufacturer.




Bateks employs 500 production staff and applies a manufacturing philosophy based on continuity and efficiency. At the core of the manufacturing system is enabling each of the workforce to contribute effectively, adhere to machinery safety rules and produce garments with maximum precision and speed.


Bateks uses Juki, Brother, Yamato, Gerber and Assyst branded sewing, cutting and other manufacturing machines, which offer  production capacity at high speeds.


Current production capacity is 500 thousand units of lingerie per month and 500 thousand pieces bra Cups per month, allowing Batek to meet its high volume orders.


From design to delivery, in only 8 weeks

Bateks has organization and machinery to produce products of high quality in a short space of time. Clients receive new orders within a maximum 8 weeks after a production process which includes:


  • Supply
  • Mold Detection
  • Body Detection
  • Pre-Production Sample
  • Last sample
  • Mass production


Quality Control

Without exception, every product, undergoes rigorous quality control as each product is the face and representative of the Bateks brand. Some of the tests conducted in the quality control processes in this context are:


  • Pull
  • Collection
  • Rotation
  • Resistance
  • Phi
  • Yellowing
  • Fenolic
  • Nickel
  • Water fastness
  • Perspiration


Packaging and Logistics

The finished product, ready to sell, fully packaged and labelled is included among the privileges offered to Bateks customers.


As with all aspectes of the supply chain, our company has extremely strict criteria in logistics. Bateks has business partners from the logistics sector all over the world; orders can be delivered in any quantity, to any place and in the promised time.