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"Building trusting relationships with our customers is central to our company values and it is this value that will drive our company forward"


Bateks' employees, business partners and suppliers are known for integrity and loyalty in relationships with customers; As a direct result, Bateks has expanded outside of Turkey to be known as a globally respected manufacturer of underwear.


The latest collections, in the shortest time, at affordable prices.


Our company closely follows global trends in underwear and strives  to ensure its' customers receive the latest ideas in the underwear industry in the shortest time possible.



Combining improved delivery times with modern production techniques, our recent collections reach our customers in the shorter time frame ever.


The ever-increasing speed of our design and production teams helps our customers efficiently control their inventories and restock products.


 Offering freshly designed, frequently updated underwear collections as well as the option to re-produce customers existing collections, Batek allows customers to work with just one company to restock and offer new designs, with no interruptions in the supply chain.


Based in Turkey, Batek is able to work with European and regional customers face-to-face, giving customers the opportunity to meet our teams, give pre-production approval and visit our facilities, enabling healthy relationships established throughout the production and delivery process.